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Share your emotions in music
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"Music that listen to you"

The e-Mindmachine app is designed to organize your music in terms of its effects on your state.
This app allows you to assess your emotional state while listening to the songs from your smartphone. It then reorganize playlists based on the emotions they generate.

e-Mindmachine app is also a wonderful tool to help in rapid learning, meditation and relaxation methods. It offers various features based on traditional techniques such as music therapy, hypnosis or suggestopedia
• Organize your music in terms of its effects on your state depending on the model of the wheel of emotions and Self-Assessment Manikin scales. Then directly find the songs that best fit your activity.
• Mix your music with binaural beats and isochronic tones. Monitor your emotions and interact with sound processes taking your pulse with the phone camera or a smartwatch, measuring your breathing through the smartphone gyroscope, or with your brainwaves through EEG headset.
• Use voice synthesis to read text files according to the method recommended in suggestopedia - each line is read during the apnea following the expiration each one, two or three breaths - the tone and rhythm of voice changes randomly for each information element in order to maintain focus.
• Test our interactive music streaming. It synchronizes and integrates the sound processes in a generative music of different styles, in interaction with your physiology.

Feel free to download, it is free available

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Brainwave entrainment
Binaural beats
Isochronic tones

This application has also a scientific purpose and aims to show the influence of music on the emotional state.
A first experiment is underway!
To participate, it's very simple, you just download the application (on Android)
Download the following two excerpts (available in wav or mp3):
Launch the application on your phone. In the main menu, select "My music".
Select one of Beethoven extracts downloaded. Then you can evaluate your emotions listening to the piece according to 3 criteria: satisfaction (rather positive, negative or neutral), activation (rather quiet, angry or neutral) and finally the dominance (you feel dominant or dominated with respect to this emotion?)
Then repeat the experience with the second extract.
And feel free to give us your feedback on the use of the application

Video demo of various uses of e-Mindmachine app.

Classify your tunes
Binaural beat
Interactive music

Click here to read the User manual


Listen to the audio streams
Notice: audio servers are not always active so if you heard no sound (or a distorted sound), please try other styles or come back later.

Android Software Download - free

If you do not have any Android device, you can use the application on your PC after installing an Android emulator (for example Bluestacks for Windows or Genymotion for Linux). On a laptop, you can so use the camera to get your heart pulse rate.

Android Software Download - free (beta version)
Free registration at arts-sciences-information google group
is required in order to access to free beta version Android link
- click here -

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